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Come Grow In God's Word: Come Grow In The Word:

Keiki Church- A time of Biblical teaching, crafts, games, and service that Keiki Cornerare designed for children ages 2 through 10. The Keiki will leave the worship center following the Keiki message and then return to join their ohana in prayer and at the Lords Table.

Youth Quest (Junior Confirmation)- The transition from an infant faith to an Confirmation 2010adult faith is a time of tremendous growth and maturation. As youth grow and struggle with living their Christian faith in this world they need to be equipped with the power of God’s Word.  Through this class the student will grow in their understanding of the Christian Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism in order to be equipped for service in God’s kingdom. Plus, there’s food, games, great music, and fun videos.

Junior and Senior High- Sunday morning and eveningHigh School Youth fellowship, games, beach outings, and topical Bible studies that are intended to strengthen and empower high school students to face the challenges of our changing and scary world and to create a social network of Christian support.

Adult Bible Classes- Want to know more about Jesus and the Christian life?  Pick a time that's good for you and get together with like-minded friendly people and dive into the Bible. Sunday morning adult Bible study tackles books like Romans, Daniel, and Revelation, led by Pastor Matt. But if Sunday mornings don't fit into your schedule then check out the other options throughout the week for getting into God's Word. Of course, while we feed the soul, we also feed our bodies.

Women's Bible Studies- A relational small group Bible study for women of all ages that often rotates around hosts homes or meets in a classroom at Saint Mark. Please contact Rachel for more information.

Men in the Word-
A Saturday Keiki Cornermorning Bible study where we share not only in our local favorite food items but dive into spiritual nourishment of God's Word. Our next book will be "19-minutes with Luther". Please contact Pastor Matt for more information.

Midweek Bible Study & Prayer Warriors- Each Wednesday morning those who are youngat heart gather in the worship center to study and discuss the upcoming Sunday lessons and share in coffee and snack fellowship. Following the study the Warriors pray for one another, the church and school of Saint Mark, the community of Hawaii, and the needs of all people in this world.

Prayer Garden- The garden lies to the mauka our worship center and surrounds you with thSt Mark Prayer Gardene beauty of God’s creation. At the center of the garden are 3 crosses reminiscent of Calvary, the place of our Savior’s saving act for us. Bring your own devotional book and Bible, or use a hymnal from the sanctuary, or a devotion from the church office for your quiet time alone with God. And may your words echo the Psalmist, my prayer is to you, O LORD. At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness.” (Psalm 69: 13).

For those unable to attend regular Saint Mark worship- Although regular worship as an ohana is vital to our Christian lives together, there may be circumstances where health, age, and mobility issues make it difficult to attend regular worship services at Saint Mark Lutheran Church. For these individuals, Lutheran Hour Ministries provides a "Worship for Shut-Ins" that is broadcast weekly via the internet and through DirectTV channel 377 Sunday mornings at 8:30 am Pacific Time Zone.

Our Mission: "To Extend the love and care of Jesus Christ to all people."
45-725 Kamehameha Highway, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744-- (808) 247-4565-- LCMS